Twin Baby Girl Names

100+ Best Twin Baby Girl Names

Welcoming twin girls into your family is like being gifted with double the magic and twice the love. As you prepare for their arrival, one of the most delightful tasks is choosing the perfect names. Imagine calling out to your little darlings with names that beautifully complement each other, echoing a melody that’s both timeless and enchanting.

In this post, we’re diving into the world of long twin girl baby names that will not only captivate your heart but also perfectly fit your precious duo. Get ready to explore elegant, meaningful names that will make your twins’ bond even more special. Let’s embark on this naming adventure together!

Twin Baby Girl Names

Choosing the perfect names for your twin baby girls is a delightful yet important task. You want names that not only sound beautiful together but also carry meaningful origins and significances.

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Twin Baby girl Names Starting with A

Arabella & AdelineLatin & FrenchArabella: Yielding to prayer, Adeline: Noble
Anastasia & AnnelieseGreek & GermanAnastasia: Resurrection, Anneliese: Grace and favor
Arianna & AngelicaGreek & LatinArianna: Most holy, Angelica: Angelic
Alexandria & AlessandraGreek & ItalianAlexandria: Defender of mankind, Alessandra: Defender of the people
Annabelle & AramintaFrench & EnglishAnnabelle: Lovable, Araminta: Defender
Adrianna & AmelianaLatin & LatinAdrianna: From Hadria, Ameliana: Hardworking
Antoinette & AudriannaFrench & LatinAntoinette: Priceless one, Audrianna: Noble strength
Augustine & AureliaLatin & LatinAugustine: Majestic, Aurelia: Golden
Angelina & ArabesqueGreek & FrenchAngelina: Messenger, Arabesque: Ornate design
Amandine & AmaraFrench & LatinAmandine: Worthy of love, Amara: Eternal
Ainsleigh & AlessiaEnglish & ItalianAinsleigh: Hermitage field, Alessia: Defender
Antonia & AlouetteLatin & FrenchAntonia: Priceless, Alouette: Lark
Aviana & AriadneLatin & GreekAviana: Bird-like, Ariadne: Most holy
Anabella & AriaSpanish & ItalianAnabella: Graceful, Aria: Air or melody
Adelina & AlianaGerman & HebrewAdelina: Noble, Aliana: My God has answered

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with B

Beatrice & BelindaLatin & SpanishBeatrice: Bringer of joy, Belinda: Beautiful
Brielle & BiancaFrench & ItalianBrielle: God is my strength, Bianca: White
Bridgette & BernadetteIrish & FrenchBridgette: Strength, Bernadette: Brave as a bear
Belladonna & BenedettaItalian & LatinBelladonna: Beautiful lady, Benedetta: Blessed
Bethany & BlytheHebrew & EnglishBethany: House of figs, Blythe: Joyous
Bellamy & BeliciaFrench & SpanishBellamy: Fine friend, Belicia: Dedicated to God
Brianna & BrennaIrish & GaelicBrianna: Noble, Brenna: Little drop of water
Belicia & BelisamaSpanish & CelticBelicia: Dedicated to God, Belisama: Most powerful
Benedicta & BethelLatin & HebrewBenedicta: Blessed, Bethel: House of God
Blakely & BrooklynEnglish & DutchBlakely: Dark woodland, Brooklyn: Small stream
Briar Rose & BrienneEnglish & IrishBriar Rose: Thorny bush of wild roses, Brienne: Strong
Bernice & BellarosaGreek & ItalianBernice: Bringer of victory, Bellarosa: Beautiful rose
Bronwyn & BriallenWelsh & WelshBronwyn: Fair, Briallen: Primrose
Barbara & BereniceGreek & GreekBarbara: Foreign, Berenice: Bringer of victory
Brigitte & BlossomFrench & EnglishBrigitte: Strength, Blossom: Flower

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with C

Charlotte & CassandraFrench & GreekCharlotte: Free man, Cassandra: Shining upon men
Caroline & ClementineFrench & LatinCaroline: Free man, Clementine: Gentle, merciful
Camilla & CelesteLatin & LatinCamilla: Young ceremonial attendant, Celeste: Heavenly
Cordelia & CallistaLatin & GreekCordelia: Heart, Callista: Most beautiful
Catalina & CeciliaSpanish & LatinCatalina: Pure, Cecilia: Blind
Clarissa & ChristianaLatin & LatinClarissa: Bright, clear, Christiana: Follower of Christ
Corinna & ConstantinaGreek & LatinCorinna: Maiden, Constantina: Steadfast
Cassandra & CalliopeGreek & GreekCassandra: Shining upon men, Calliope: Beautiful voice
Christabel & ClementinaLatin & LatinChristabel: Beautiful Christian, Clementina: Gentle, merciful
Carolina & CaledoniaLatin & LatinCarolina: Free man, Caledonia: Hard or rocky land
Ceridwen & CoralineWelsh & FrenchCeridwen: Fair, blessed poetry, Coraline: Coral
Charlize & ChantelleGerman & FrenchCharlize: Free man, Chantelle: Singer
Callista & ClementiaGreek & LatinCallista: Most beautiful, Clementia: Mercy
Camellia & CalandraLatin & GreekCamellia: Flower, Calandra: Lark
Christiana & ClarimondLatin & GermanChristiana: Follower of Christ, Clarimond: Bright protection

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with D

Delilah & DanielleHebrew & HebrewDelilah: Delicate, Danielle: God is my judge
Dorothy & DemetriaGreek & GreekDorothy: Gift of God, Demetria: Goddess of harvest
Dominique & DavinaLatin & ScottishDominique: Belonging to the Lord, Davina: Beloved
Dorothea & DrusillaGreek & LatinDorothea: Gift of God, Drusilla: Strong
Dahlia & DanicaScandinavian & SlavicDahlia: Valley, Danica: Morning star
Dionne & DarleneGreek & EnglishDionne: Divine, Darlene: Dear, darling
Desiree & DamarisFrench & GreekDesiree: Desired, Damaris: Calf, gentle
Donatella & DulcineaItalian & LatinDonatella: Gift, Dulcinea: Sweet
Delphina & DemetraGreek & GreekDelphina: From Delphi, Demetra: Earth mother
Diamanta & DiantheGreek & GreekDiamanta: Diamond, Dianthe: Divine flower
Deirdre & DulcieIrish & LatinDeirdre: Sorrowful, Dulcie: Sweet
Diantha & DionysiaGreek & GreekDiantha: Divine flower, Dionysia: Follower of Dionysus
Dorabella & DesdemonaItalian & GreekDorabella: Beautiful gift, Desdemona: Ill-starred
Damiana & DorianaGreek & LatinDamiana: Tamer, Doriana: Gift
Delphinia & DamiraGreek & ArabicDelphinia: Dolphin, Damira: Leader

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with E

Eleanor & EvangelineGreek & GreekEleanor: Bright, shining one, Evangeline: Bearer of good news
Elizabeth & EmmelineHebrew & GermanElizabeth: God is my oath, Emmeline: Work
Esmeralda & EsperanzaSpanish & SpanishEsmeralda: Emerald, Esperanza: Hope
Eliana & EleanoraHebrew & GreekEliana: My God has answered, Eleanora: Light
Estella & EvelinaLatin & LatinEstella: Star, Evelina: Wished for child
Emilia & ElodieLatin & GreekEmilia: Rival, Elodie: Foreign riches
Evelynn & EsméeEnglish & FrenchEvelynn: Desired, Esmée: Esteemed, beloved
Eliza & EmmanuellaHebrew & HebrewEliza: God is my oath, Emmanuella: God is with us
Evanna & ElaraGreek & GreekEvanna: God is gracious, Elara: Shining
Eugenia & EleonoraGreek & GreekEugenia: Well-born, Eleonora: Shining light
Eleanore & EmelinaGreek & GermanEleanore: Light, Emelina: Rival
Elspeth & EsmeréeScottish & FrenchElspeth: God is my oath, Esmerée: Loved, esteemed
Elysia & EmberlynnGreek & EnglishElysia: Blissful, Emberlynn: Beautiful ember
Elvira & EudoraSpanish & GreekElvira: True, Eudora: Good gift
Evadne & ElysandeGreek & FrenchEvadne: Pleasing one, Elysande: Noble kind

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with F

Felicity & FrancescaLatin & ItalianFelicity: Happiness, Francesca: Free
Florence & FiorellaLatin & ItalianFlorence: Flourishing, Fiorella: Little flower
Frederica & FantasiaGerman & GreekFrederica: Peaceful ruler, Fantasia: Imagination
Faulkner & FallonEnglish & IrishFaulkner: Falconer, Fallon: Leader
Fidelia & FaustinaLatin & LatinFidelia: Faithful, Faustina: Lucky
Fionnuala & FinolaIrish & IrishFionnuala: White shoulder, Finola: Fair
Florentina & FiorinaLatin & ItalianFlorentina: Flowering, Fiorina: Little flower
Fenella & FanchonIrish & FrenchFenella: White shoulder, Fanchon: Free
Faustine & FidellaLatin & LatinFaustine: Lucky, Fidella: Faithful
Fianna & FinellaIrish & ScottishFianna: Band of warriors, Finella: Fair one
Felicia & FrancinaLatin & FrenchFelicia: Happy, Francina: Little Frenchwoman
Florabelle & FilomenaLatin & GreekFlorabelle: Beautiful flower, Filomena: Lover of strength
Frederique & FrancetteFrench & FrenchFrederique: Peaceful ruler, Francette: Free
Faustine & FlorianeLatin & FrenchFaustine: Lucky, Floriane: Flower
Fabienne & FidelinaFrench & LatinFabienne: Bean grower, Fidelina: Faithful

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with G

Gabriella & GenevieveHebrew & FrenchGabriella: God is my strength, Genevieve: Woman of the race
Giselle & GracielaGerman & SpanishGiselle: Pledge, Graciela: Grace
Gwyneth & GuinevereWelsh & WelshGwyneth: Blessed, Guinevere: Fair one
Georgina & GwendolynGreek & WelshGeorgina: Farmer, Gwendolyn: White ring
Galadriel & GinevraSindarin & ItalianGaladriel: Maiden crowned with a radiant garland, Ginevra: White shadow
Geraldine & GiulianaGerman & ItalianGeraldine: Ruler with the spear, Giuliana: Youthful
Gretchen & GriseldaGerman & GermanGretchen: Pearl, Griselda: Grey battle maid
Goldarina & GracelynEnglish & EnglishGoldarina: Golden one, Gracelyn: Graceful
Gianna & GisellaItalian & GermanGianna: God is gracious, Gisella: Pledge
Gwendoline & GenevaWelsh & FrenchGwendoline: White ring, Geneva: Juniper tree
Guinevere & GemellaWelsh & ItalianGuinevere: Fair one, Gemella: Twin
Gwyneth & GretelWelsh & GermanGwyneth: Blessed, Gretel: Pearl
Galatea & GeraldinaGreek & GermanGalatea: She who is milk-white, Geraldina: Ruler with the spear
Giselle & GabrielleGerman & FrenchGiselle: Pledge, Gabrielle: God is my strength
Galina & GwenythGreek & WelshGalina: Calm, Gwenyth: Blessed

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with H

Henrietta & HeloiseGerman & FrenchHenrietta: Ruler of the home, Heloise: Famous warrior
Harmony & HyacinthGreek & GreekHarmony: Concord, Hyacinth: Purple flower
Helena & HenriettaGreek & GermanHelena: Shining light, Henrietta: Ruler of the home
Hadassah & HanneloreHebrew & GermanHadassah: Myrtle tree, Hannelore: God is gracious
Hermione & HippolytaGreek & GreekHermione: Messenger, Hippolyta: Horse freer
Honoria & HypatiaLatin & GreekHonoria: Honor, Hypatia: Highest
Hilaria & HesperiaLatin & GreekHilaria: Cheerful, Hesperia: Evening star
Helene & HestiaGreek & GreekHelene: Shining light, Hestia: Hearth, fireside
Hadria & HalimedaLatin & GreekHadria: From Hadria, Halimeda: Sea nymph
Hazel & HelenaEnglish & GreekHazel: The hazel tree, Helena: Shining light
Harmony & HildegardeGreek & GermanHarmony: Concord, Hildegarde: Battle stronghold
Heloisa & HenriettaGerman & GermanHeloisa: Famous warrior, Henrietta: Ruler of the home
Hannelore & HippolytaGerman & GreekHannelore: God is gracious, Hippolyta: Horse freer
Harriette & HonoriaEnglish & LatinHarriette: Home ruler, Honoria: Honor
Halcyon & HerminiaGreek & LatinHalcyon: Calm, peaceful, Herminia: Messenger

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with I

Isabella & IsadoraHebrew & GreekIsabella: Devoted to God, Isadora: Gift of Isis
Imogen & IsoldeCeltic & WelshImogen: Maiden, Isolde: Ice ruler
Irene & IsmeneGreek & GreekIrene: Peace, Ismene: Knowledgeable
Iliana & IsalineGreek & FrenchIliana: Bright, Isaline: Devoted to God
Ivanka & IlariaSlavic & LatinIvanka: God is gracious, Ilaria: Cheerful
Isabeau & IsmeriaFrench & GermanIsabeau: Devoted to God, Ismeria: Renowned
Irina & IphigeniaGreek & GreekIrina: Peace, Iphigenia: Of royal birth
Ingrid & IsabeauScandinavian & FrenchIngrid: Beautiful, Isabeau: Devoted to God
Isidora & IvyanaGreek & EnglishIsidora: Gift of Isis, Ivyana: Like the ivy plant
Inez & IndiraSpanish & SanskritInez: Pure, Indira: Splendid
Idalia & IlithyiaGreek & GreekIdalia: Behold the sun, Ilithyia: Ready to aid
Iolanthe & IoneGreek & GreekIolanthe: Violet flower, Ione: Violet
Ignatia & IzabellaLatin & HebrewIgnatia: Fiery, Izabella: Devoted to God
Ismara & IlarinaGreek & GreekIsmara: Lighthouse, Ilarina: Cheerful
Ivanna & IsottaSlavic & ItalianIvanna: God is gracious, Isotta: Ice ruler

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with J

Juliana & JosephineLatin & HebrewJuliana: Youthful, Josephine: God will increase
Jasmine & JuliettePersian & FrenchJasmine: Flower, Juliette: Youthful
Jocelyn & JacquelineGerman & FrenchJocelyn: Member of the Gauts tribe, Jacqueline: Supplanter
Johanna & JessamineHebrew & PersianJohanna: God is gracious, Jessamine: Jasmine flower
Jovana & JessalynSlavic & EnglishJovana: God is gracious, Jessalyn: Wealthy
Jemimah & JovitaHebrew & LatinJemimah: Dove, Jovita: Joyful
Juliette & JeanetteFrench & FrenchJuliette: Youthful, Jeanette: God is gracious
Justina & JacintaLatin & SpanishJustina: Fair, Jacinta: Hyacinth flower
Janessa & JocastaEnglish & GreekJanessa: God is gracious, Jocasta: Shining moon
Jessenia & JovannaArabic & LatinJessenia: Flower, Jovanna: God is gracious
Jocasta & JacindaGreek & SpanishJocasta: Shining moon, Jacinda: Hyacinth flower
Josiane & JordanaFrench & HebrewJosiane: God will increase, Jordana: Descending
Joceline & JulissaGerman & LatinJoceline: Member of the Gauts tribe, Julissa: Youthful
Janessa & JonquilHebrew & FrenchJanessa: God is gracious, Jonquil: Flower
Jocelyne & JulienneGerman & FrenchJocelyne: Member of the Gauts tribe, Julienne: Youthful

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with K

Katherine & KaterinaGreek & GreekKatherine: Pure, Katerina: Pure
Kimberly & KassandraEnglish & GreekKimberly: From the wood of the royal forest, Kassandra: Shining upon men
Karolina & KalistaSlavic & GreekKarolina: Free man, Kalista: Most beautiful
Katrina & KeziahGreek & HebrewKatrina: Pure, Keziah: Cassia tree
Kristiana & KimberlynLatin & EnglishKristiana: Follower of Christ, Kimberlyn: From the royal fortress meadow
Keturah & KalliopeHebrew & GreekKeturah: Incense, Kalliope: Beautiful voice
Kimberley & KaterinEnglish & GreekKimberley: From the wood of the royal forest, Katerin: Pure
Kiara & KianaItalian & IrishKiara: Light, Kiana: Ancient
Katrina & KieraGreek & IrishKatrina: Pure, Kiera: Little dark one
Kyra & KalinaGreek & SlavicKyra: Lady, Kalina: Flower
Kadence & KylianaEnglish & EnglishKadence: Rhythm, Kyliana: Narrow strait
Krista & KarissaLatin & GreekKrista: Follower of Christ, Karissa: Grace
Kimberly & KarinaEnglish & ScandinavianKimberly: From the wood of the royal forest, Karina: Pure
Kassandra & KarineGreek & FrenchKassandra: Shining upon men, Karine: Pure
Kayliana & KailaniEnglish & HawaiianKayliana: Pure, Kailani: Sea and sky

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with L

Lilliana & LucianaLatin & LatinLilliana: Lily, Luciana: Light
Lorelei & LeonoraGerman & GreekLorelei: Alluring enchantress, Leonora: Light
Lavinia & LioraLatin & HebrewLavinia: Woman of Rome, Liora: Light
Lieselotte & LilibethGerman & EnglishLieselotte: Pledged to God, Lilibeth: God is my oath
Linnea & LioraScandinavian & HebrewLinnea: Twinflower, Liora: Light
Leilani & LilianaHawaiian & LatinLeilani: Heavenly flower, Liliana: Lily
Louisa & LiviaGerman & LatinLouisa: Famous warrior, Livia: Olive tree
Lysandra & LorettaGreek & ItalianLysandra: Liberator, Loretta: Bay laurel
Lucinda & LysandraLatin & GreekLucinda: Light, Lysandra: Liberator
Luciana & LarissaLatin & GreekLuciana: Light, Larissa: Cheerful
Loretta & LaurindaItalian & LatinLoretta: Bay laurel, Laurinda: Laurel
Liora & LilithHebrew & AssyrianLiora: Light, Lilith: Of the night
Leonora & LioraGreek & HebrewLeonora: Light, Liora: Light
Leticia & LysandraLatin & GreekLeticia: Joy, Lysandra: Liberator
Leocadia & LiliosaGreek & SpanishLeocadia: Bright, Liliosa: Lily-like

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with M

Mariana & MarielleLatin & FrenchMariana: Sea of bitterness, Marielle: Star of the sea
Magdalena & MirabellaGreek & LatinMagdalena: From Magdala, Mirabella: Wonderful
Melisande & MargueriteGerman & FrenchMelisande: Strong in work, Marguerite: Pearl
Matilda & MarcellaGerman & LatinMatilda: Battle-mighty, Marcella: Warlike
Marcellina & MelaniaLatin & GreekMarcellina: Little warrior, Melania: Dark-skinned
Mariella & MorganaLatin & WelshMariella: Star of the sea, Morgana: Sea circle
Maxima & MireilleLatin & FrenchMaxima: Greatest, Mireille: To admire
Millicent & MagdalenaGerman & GreekMillicent: Strong in work, Magdalena: From Magdala
Mariposa & MelisandreSpanish & GreekMariposa: Butterfly, Melisandre: Strong in work
Minerva & MirandaLatin & LatinMinerva: Goddess of wisdom, Miranda: Admirable
Magnolia & MelusineLatin & FrenchMagnolia: Flower name, Melusine: Strong in work
Marciana & MelioraLatin & LatinMarciana: Warlike, Meliora: Better
Marlena & MireyaGerman & SpanishMarlena: From Magdala, Mireya: Admirable
Meliora & MarigoldLatin & EnglishMeliora: Better, Marigold: Golden flower
Myriam & MariannaHebrew & LatinMyriam: Wished-for child, Marianna: Star of the sea

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with N

Natalia & NaomiLatin & HebrewNatalia: Born on Christmas day, Naomi: Pleasantness
Nicolette & NoelleFrench & FrenchNicolette: Victory of the people, Noelle: Christmas
Nadia & NorahSlavic & ArabicNadia: Hope, Norah: Light
Niamh & NoreenIrish & IrishNiamh: Bright, Noreen: Honor
Nicolette & NerissaFrench & GreekNicolette: Victory of the people, Nerissa: Sea nymph
Natalya & NikoletaRussian & GreekNatalya: Birthday of the Lord, Nikoleta: Victory of the people
Noemi & NadineHebrew & FrenchNoemi: Pleasantness, Nadine: Hope
Nerissa & NereidaGreek & GreekNerissa: Sea nymph, Nereida: Sea nymph
Natasia & NalaniLatin & HawaiianNatasia: Born on Christmas day, Nalani: The heavens
Nolana & NyssaIrish & GreekNolana: Little champion, Nyssa: Beginning
Nyla & NarcissaArabic & GreekNyla: Winner, Narcissa: Daffodil
Nadira & NailaArabic & ArabicNadira: Rare, Naila: Attainer
Ninette & NazariaFrench & SpanishNinette: Grace, Nazaria: Nazareth
Nereida & NydiaGreek & LatinNereida: Sea nymph, Nydia: Nest
Nymphaea & NivalisGreek & LatinNymphaea: Water lily, Nivalis: Of snow

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with O

Octavia & OpheliaLatin & GreekOctavia: Eighth, Ophelia: Help
Olivia & OrianaLatin & LatinOlivia: Olive tree, Oriana: Dawn
Odalys & OctavianaGerman & LatinOdalys: Prosperous, Octaviana: Eighth
Odessa & OlympiaGreek & GreekOdessa: Long journey, Olympia: From Mount Olympus
Opaline & OriannaFrench & LatinOpaline: Gem, Orianna: Dawn
Odelia & OzaraHebrew & HebrewOdelia: I will praise the Lord, Ozara: Treasure
Oliviana & OrlenaLatin & LatinOliviana: Olive tree, Orlena: Golden
Omara & OrinthiaArabic & GreekOmara: Speaker, Orinthia: To excite, stir the mind
Ondine & OrabellaLatin & LatinOndine: Little wave, Orabella: Beautiful seacoast
Ottilie & OksanaGerman & RussianOttilie: Prosperous in battle, Oksana: Praise be to God
Orlaith & OdelinaIrish & GermanOrlaith: Golden princess, Odelina: Little wealthy one
Ophelia & OlivetteGreek & LatinOphelia: Help, Olivette: Olive tree
Olympia & OvidiaGreek & LatinOlympia: From Mount Olympus, Ovidia: Shepherdess
Octavienne & OndinaLatin & LatinOctavienne: Eighth, Ondina: Little wave
Oliana & OrinthiaHawaiian & GreekOliana: My joy, Orinthia: To excite, stir the mind

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with P

Penelope & PersephoneGreek & GreekPenelope: Weaver, Persephone: Bringer of destruction
Priscilla & PhilippaLatin & GreekPriscilla: Ancient, Philippa: Lover of horses
Pandora & PartheniaGreek & GreekPandora: All-gifted, Parthenia: Maiden
Primrose & PalomaEnglish & SpanishPrimrose: First rose, Paloma: Dove
Patience & PriscillaEnglish & LatinPatience: Enduring, Priscilla: Ancient
Portia & PhilomenaLatin & GreekPortia: Pig, Philomena: Lover of strength
Petronella & PascaleLatin & FrenchPetronella: Little rock, Pascale: Easter child
Persephone & PenroseGreek & CornishPersephone: Bringer of destruction, Penrose: Top of the heath
Philippa & PatienceGreek & EnglishPhilippa: Lover of horses, Patience: Enduring
Paloma & PhilomenaSpanish & GreekPaloma: Dove, Philomena: Lover of strength
Phaedra & PenelopeGreek & GreekPhaedra: Bright, Penelope: Weaver
Prunella & PerditaLatin & LatinPrunella: Little plum, Perdita: Lost
Perpetua & PrudenceLatin & LatinPerpetua: Perpetual, Prudence: Caution
Phoebe & PhaedraGreek & GreekPhoebe: Radiant, Phaedra: Bright
Primrose & PortiaEnglish & LatinPrimrose: First rose, Portia: Pig

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with Q

Quinlan & QuianaIrish & AmericanQuinlan: Graceful, Quiana: Gracious
Quincy & QuintessaLatin & LatinQuincy: Fifth, Quintessa: Essence
Quirina & QuintinaLatin & LatinQuirina: Warrior, Quintina: Fifth
Quenby & QueridaScandinavian & SpanishQuenby: Womanly, Querida: Beloved
Quintina & QuenbyLatin & ScandinavianQuintina: Fifth, Quenby: Womanly
Quetzalli & QuianaNahuatl & AmericanQuetzalli: Precious feather, Quiana: Gracious
Quorra & QuinleyItalian & EnglishQuorra: Heart, Quinley: From the estate of the fifth son
Quirina & QuenlynLatin & IrishQuirina: Warrior, Quenlyn: Strength
Querida & QuillaSpanish & Native AmericanQuerida: Beloved, Quilla: Goddess of the moon
Quintessa & QuinnaLatin & IrishQuintessa: Essence, Quinna: Wise
Quiana & QuinlanAmerican & IrishQuiana: Gracious, Quinlan: Graceful
Quincy & QuorraLatin & ItalianQuincy: Fifth, Quorra: Heart
Quilla & QuenbyNative American & ScandinavianQuilla: Goddess of the moon, Quenby: Womanly
Quenlyn & QuinleeIrish & EnglishQuenlyn: Strength, Quinlee: From the estate of the fifth son
Quintella & QuorraLatin & ItalianQuintella: Fifth, Quorra: Heart

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with R

Rosalind & RoxanneLatin & PersianRosalind: Pretty rose, Roxanne: Dawn
Rebecca & RosamundHebrew & GermanRebecca: To bind, Rosamund: Horse protector
Rowena & RhiannonWelsh & WelshRowena: Fame and joy, Rhiannon: Great queen
Ramona & RafaellaSpanish & HebrewRamona: Wise protector, Rafaella: God has healed
Rosalie & RenataLatin & LatinRosalie: Rose, Renata: Reborn
Raffaella & RosalinaHebrew & LatinRaffaella: God has healed, Rosalina: Little rose
Renée & RowenaFrench & WelshRenée: Reborn, Rowena: Fame and joy
Rosabella & RhiannonItalian & WelshRosabella: Beautiful rose, Rhiannon: Great queen
Rhiannon & RowenaWelsh & WelshRhiannon: Great queen, Rowena: Fame and joy
Ramira & RosalindSpanish & LatinRamira: Wise protector, Rosalind: Pretty rose
Regina & RamonaLatin & SpanishRegina: Queen, Ramona: Wise protector
Rosalinda & RubinaLatin & LatinRosalinda: Pretty rose, Rubina: Red jewel
Roxana & RosaliaPersian & LatinRoxana: Dawn, Rosalia: Rose
Rebekah & RominaHebrew & LatinRebekah: To bind, Romina: From the land of Christians
Rhiannon & RosalindWelsh & LatinRhiannon: Great queen, Rosalind: Pretty rose

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with S

Seraphina & ScarlettHebrew & EnglishSeraphina: Fiery, Scarlett: Red
Sabrina & SeleneCeltic & GreekSabrina: From the river Severn, Selene: Moon goddess
Sophia & SavannahGreek & SpanishSophia: Wisdom, Savannah: Treeless plain
Susanna & SeraphineHebrew & HebrewSusanna: Lily, Seraphine: Fiery
Sapphira & SerenellaGreek & ItalianSapphira: Sapphire, Serenella: Little serene one
Selena & SeraphinaGreek & HebrewSelena: Moon goddess, Seraphina: Fiery
Savannah & SabrinaSpanish & CelticSavannah: Treeless plain, Sabrina: From the river Severn
Serenity & ScarlettLatin & EnglishSerenity: Peaceful, Scarlett: Red
Sarafina & SolangeHebrew & FrenchSarafina: Fiery, Solange: Solemn
Scarlett & SerenityEnglish & LatinScarlett: Red, Serenity: Peaceful
Simone & SeraphineHebrew & HebrewSimone: One who hears, Seraphine: Fiery
Solange & SarafinaFrench & HebrewSolange: Solemn, Sarafina: Fiery
Sienna & SaskiaItalian & DutchSienna: Reddish-brown, Saskia: Protector of mankind
Selene & SeraphineGreek & HebrewSelene: Moon goddess, Seraphine: Fiery
Soraya & SamaraPersian & HebrewSoraya: Princess, Samara: Guardian

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with T

Tatiana & ThaliaLatin & GreekTatiana: Fairy queen, Thalia: To blossom
Tabitha & TalithaAramaic & AramaicTabitha: Gazelle, Talitha: Little girl
Teresa & TheodoraGreek & GreekTeresa: Harvester, Theodora: Gift of God
Talia & TamaraHebrew & HebrewTalia: Dew from heaven, Tamara: Date palm
Tiffany & TamsinGreek & EnglishTiffany: Manifestation of God, Tamsin: Twin
Tallulah & TatienneNative American & LatinTallulah: Leaping water, Tatienne: Fairy queen
Tiana & TatianaLatin & LatinTiana: Princess, Tatiana: Fairy queen
Tabitha & TheodosiaAramaic & GreekTabitha: Gazelle, Theodosia: Giving to God
Thalassa & ThalinaGreek & GreekThalassa: Sea, Thalina: Blossoming
Tiara & TamsynLatin & EnglishTiara: Crown, Tamsyn: Twin
Tatienne & TheodosiaLatin & GreekTatienne: Fairy queen, Theodosia: Giving to God
Thalassa & TatianaGreek & LatinThalassa: Sea, Tatiana: Fairy queen
Teresa & TabithaGreek & AramaicTeresa: Harvester, Tabitha: Gazelle
Tahlia & ThomasinaHebrew & EnglishTahlia: Dew from God, Thomasina: Twin
Tallulah & TalithaNative American & AramaicTallulah: Leaping water, Talitha: Little girl

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with U

Uliana & UlyssaLatin & GreekUliana: Youthful, Ulyssa: Angry, wrathful
Umbria & UlrikaLatin & GermanUmbria: Shadow, Ulrika: Ruler of all
Ursula & UlyssaLatin & GreekUrsula: Little bear, Ulyssa: Angry, wrathful
Ursa & UnaLatin & IrishUrsa: Little bear, Una: Lamb
Ulani & UmeHawaiian & JapaneseUlani: Cheerful, Ume: Plum blossom
Uzma & UshaArabic & SanskritUzma: Greatest, Usha: Dawn
Unity & UlrikaLatin & GermanUnity: Oneness, Ulrika: Ruler of all
Ulrika & UmberGerman & ArabicUlrika: Ruler of all, Umber: Shade
Una & UlyanaIrish & RussianUna: Lamb, Ulyana: Youthful
Ulrika & UlaniGerman & HawaiianUlrika: Ruler of all, Ulani: Cheerful
Ulrika & UrsaGerman & LatinUlrika: Ruler of all, Ursa: Little bear
Umara & UmeharaArabic & JapaneseUmara: Flourishing, Umehara: Plum field
Uriella & UrsulinaHebrew & LatinUriella: God is my light, Ursulina: Little bear
Uzma & UlimaArabic & ArabicUzma: Greatest, Ulima: Astute
Ulyana & UnaRussian & IrishUlyana: Youthful, Una: Lamb

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with V

Valentina & VivianaLatin & LatinValentina: Strong, healthy, Viviana: Alive
Victoria & VanessaLatin & GreekVictoria: Victory, Vanessa: Butterfly
Veronika & ValeriaGreek & LatinVeronika: True image, Valeria: Strong, healthy
Viola & ViolettaLatin & ItalianViola: Violet, Violetta: Little violet
Virginia & VesperaLatin & LatinVirginia: Pure, Vespera: Evening star
Valeriana & ValentinaLatin & LatinValeriana: Strong, healthy, Valentina: Strong, healthy
Valeria & VeronicaLatin & GreekValeria: Strong, healthy, Veronica: True image
Valeria & VivienneLatin & FrenchValeria: Strong, healthy, Vivienne: Alive
Violetta & ValerinaItalian & LatinVioletta: Little violet, Valerina: Strong, healthy
Vanessa & VerityGreek & LatinVanessa: Butterfly, Verity: Truth
Valentina & VanessaLatin & GreekValentina: Strong, healthy, Vanessa: Butterfly
Veronique & VioletaFrench & SpanishVeronique: True image, Violeta: Violet
Victoire & VesperFrench & LatinVictoire: Victory, Vesper: Evening star
Vienna & ValenciaLatin & SpanishVienna: From wine country, Valencia: Strong, healthy
Verity & ViolaineLatin & FrenchVerity: Truth, Violaine: Violet

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with W

Wilhelmina & WinifredGerman & WelshWilhelmina: Resolute protector, Winifred: Blessed peacemaker
Whitney & WillowEnglish & EnglishWhitney: White island, Willow: Graceful
Winona & WinterNative American & EnglishWinona: Firstborn daughter, Winter: Winter season
Waverly & WinslowEnglish & EnglishWaverly: Meadow of quivering aspens, Winslow: Friend’s hill
Wendolyn & WynonnaWelsh & Native AmericanWendolyn: Fair bow, Wynonna: Firstborn daughter
Wisteria & WillaminaGreek & GermanWisteria: Wister’s flower, Willamina: Resolute protector
Winsome & WilhelminaEnglish & GermanWinsome: Agreeable, Wilhelmina: Resolute protector
Whisper & WinryEnglish & EnglishWhisper: Soft voice, Winry: Blessed reconciliation
Wilona & WhitleyEnglish & EnglishWilona: Desired, Whitley: White meadow
Wynter & WaverleyEnglish & EnglishWynter: Winter season, Waverley: Meadow of quivering aspens
Willodean & WinsletEnglish & EnglishWillodean: Valley of the willows, Winslet: Wynn’s stream
Wilda & WendolynGerman & WelshWilda: Untamed, Wendolyn: Fair bow
Willa & WinifredGerman & WelshWilla: Resolute protector, Winifred: Blessed peacemaker
Wendy & WisteriaEnglish & GreekWendy: Friend, Wisteria: Wister’s flower
Waverley & WilhelminaEnglish & GermanWaverley: Meadow of quivering aspens, Wilhelmina: Resolute protector

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with X

Xanthe & XeniaGreek & GreekXanthe: Golden, Xenia: Hospitality
Xia & XylaChinese & GreekXia: Glow of the sunrise, Xyla: From the forest
Xylia & XimenaGreek & SpanishXylia: From the woods, Ximena: Listener
Xaviera & XeniaBasque & GreekXaviera: New house, Xenia: Hospitality
Xiomara & XochitlSpanish & NahuatlXiomara: Ready for battle, Xochitl: Flower
Xanthia & XylonaGreek & GreekXanthia: Yellow, Xylona: From the forest
Xaria & XavieraAmerican & BasqueXaria: Gift of love, Xaviera: New house
Ximena & XaraSpanish & ArabicXimena: Listener, Xara: Shining
Xanthippe & XylinaGreek & GreekXanthippe: Yellow horse, Xylina: From the forest
Xenobia & XoanaGreek & SpanishXenobia: Force of Zeus, Xoana: God is gracious
Xylina & XylonaGreek & GreekXylina: From the forest, Xylona: From the forest
Xara & XiomaraArabic & SpanishXara: Shining, Xiomara: Ready for battle
Xylina & XantheGreek & GreekXylina: From the forest, Xanthe: Golden
Xoana & XeniaSpanish & GreekXoana: God is gracious, Xenia: Hospitality
Xyla & XavieraGreek & BasqueXyla: From the forest, Xaviera: New house

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with Y

Yasmine & YaraPersian & ArabicYasmine: Jasmine flower, Yara: Small butterfly
Yolanda & YvetteGreek & FrenchYolanda: Violet flower, Yvette: Yew tree
Yelena & YvonneRussian & FrenchYelena: Shining light, Yvonne: Yew tree
Yasmina & YeseniaPersian & SpanishYasmina: Jasmine flower, Yesenia: Palm tree
Yulia & YsabelLatin & SpanishYulia: Youthful, Ysabel: God is my oath
Yara & YelenaArabic & RussianYara: Small butterfly, Yelena: Shining light
Yemaya & YsoldeAfrican & WelshYemaya: Goddess of the ocean, Ysolde: Ice ruler
Yamina & YareliArabic & Native AmericanYamina: Right, proper, Yareli: Small butterfly
Yessenia & YareliSpanish & Native AmericanYessenia: Palm tree, Yareli: Small butterfly
Yvonne & YvetteFrench & FrenchYvonne: Yew tree, Yvette: Yew tree
Yulia & YulianaLatin & LatinYulia: Youthful, Yuliana: Youthful
Yelena & YseultRussian & IrishYelena: Shining light, Yseult: Fair, lady of the ice
Yara & YaminaArabic & ArabicYara: Small butterfly, Yamina: Right, proper
Ynez & YsoldeSpanish & WelshYnez: Holy, Ysolde: Ice ruler
Ysolde & YolandeWelsh & GreekYsolde: Ice ruler, Yolande: Violet flower

Twin Baby girl Names Starting with Z

Zara & ZinniaArabic & LatinZara: Princess, Zinnia: Flower
Zofia & ZuzannaPolish & HebrewZofia: Wisdom, Zuzanna: Lily
Zephyrine & ZuleikaGreek & ArabicZephyrine: West wind, Zuleika: Fair, brilliant
Zaria & ZenobiaArabic & GreekZaria: Flower, Zenobia: Life of Zeus
Zamira & ZairaArabic & ArabicZamira: Thought, heart, Zaira: Radiance
Zaylee & ZariahAmerican & ArabicZaylee: Dry, Zariah: Princess
Zephyr & ZinniaGreek & LatinZephyr: West wind, Zinnia: Flower
Zahara & ZinniaArabic & LatinZahara: Flowering, Zinnia: Flower
Zosia & ZephyrinePolish & GreekZosia: Wisdom, Zephyrine: West wind
Zalika & ZinaidaAfrican & GreekZalika: Well-born, Zinaida: Daughter of Zeus
Zaina & ZaydaArabic & ArabicZaina: Beautiful, Zayda: Prosperous
Zulema & ZareenArabic & PersianZulema: Peace, Zareen: Golden
Zinnia & ZelinaLatin & GreekZinnia: Flower, Zelina: Zealous
Zaira & ZamiraArabic & ArabicZaira: Radiance, Zamira: Thought, heart
Zofia & ZosiaPolish & PolishZofia: Wisdom, Zosia: Wisdom

Twin Baby Girl Names

Choosing the perfect names for your twin baby girls can be a delightful yet challenging task. You want names that not only sound beautiful together but also carry meaningful origins and significances. Here, we have compiled a list of 20 of the most suitable and enchanting twin baby girl names from our extensive collection. Each pair is thoughtfully selected to complement one another in harmony and charm.

1. Valentina & Viviana: Valentina, of Latin origin, means “strong” or “healthy,” while Viviana, also Latin, means “alive.” This pair exudes vitality and strength.

2. Isabella & Isadora: Isabella, a Hebrew name, means “devoted to God,” while Isadora, of Greek origin, means “gift of Isis.” This pair is timeless and divine.

3. Sophia & Savannah: Sophia, of Greek origin, means “wisdom,” and Savannah, a Spanish name, means “treeless plain.” This pair is both elegant and natural.

4. Olivia & Oriana: Olivia, from Latin, means “olive tree,” while Oriana, also Latin, means “dawn.” This pair is serene and hopeful.

5. Seraphina & Scarlett: Seraphina, a Hebrew name, means “fiery,” and Scarlett, of English origin, means “red.” This pair is vibrant and enchanting.

6. Juliana & Josephine: Juliana, of Latin origin, means “youthful,” while Josephine, a Hebrew name, means “God will increase.” This pair is graceful and strong.

7. Penelope & Persephone: Penelope, of Greek origin, means “weaver,” and Persephone, also Greek, means “bringer of destruction.” This pair is sophisticated and mythical.

8. Tatiana & Thalia: Tatiana, from Latin, means “fairy queen,” while Thalia, a Greek name, means “to blossom.” This pair is magical and lively.

9. Gabriella & Genevieve: Gabriella, of Hebrew origin, means “God is my strength,” and Genevieve, French, means “woman of the race.” This pair is beautiful and strong.

10. Arianna & Angelica: Arianna, a Greek name, means “most holy,” while Angelica, of Latin origin, means “angelic.” This pair is graceful and heavenly.

11. Helena & Henrietta: Helena, of Greek origin, means “shining light,” and Henrietta, German, means “ruler of the home.” This pair is bright and noble.

12. Eleanor & Evangeline: Eleanor, Greek, means “bright, shining one,” while Evangeline, also Greek, means “bearer of good news.” This pair is classic and joyful.

13. Beatrice & Belinda: Beatrice, Latin, means “bringer of joy,” and Belinda, Spanish, means “beautiful.” This pair is cheerful and melodic.

14. Felicity & Francesca: Felicity, from Latin, means “happiness,” while Francesca, Italian, means “free.” This pair is uplifting and elegant.

15. Luciana & Lilliana: Luciana, of Latin origin, means “light,” and Lilliana, also Latin, means “lily.” This pair is radiant and lovely.

16. Natalia & Naomi: Natalia, Latin, means “born on Christmas day,” while Naomi, Hebrew, means “pleasantness.” This pair is festive and sweet.

17. Odessa & Olympia: Odessa, of Greek origin, means “long journey,” and Olympia, also Greek, means “from Mount Olympus.” This pair is strong and majestic.

18. Rowena & Rhiannon: Rowena, Welsh, means “fame and joy,” while Rhiannon, also Welsh, means “great queen.” This pair is noble and enchanting.

19. Xanthe & Xenia: Xanthe, Greek, means “golden,” and Xenia, also Greek, means “hospitality.” This pair is bright and welcoming.

20. Yasmine & Yara: Yasmine, of Persian origin, means “jasmine flower,” while Yara, Arabic, means “small butterfly.” This pair is delicate and graceful.


Choosing baby names for your twin girls is a beautiful journey filled with excitement and love. Each name you pick carries not only a unique sound but also a story, a meaning, and a connection to your family’s heritage and hopes for the future. Whether you are drawn to names that reflect strength, elegance, nature, or mythology, the perfect pair of names will harmonize and complement each other, just like your precious twins.

We hope this collection of twin baby girl names has inspired you and made your naming process a bit easier. Remember, the names you choose will be a cherished part of your daughters’ identities, carrying them through all stages of life with grace and distinction. Happy naming!

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