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200+ Best Middle Names for Uriah (Updated)

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There are undoubtedly many choices to be made when you are having a kid. 

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Now that you’ve chosen Uriah as the first name for your child, we’re here to assist you in selecting a fitting middle name. 

Settle in as we discuss the meaning and history of the name Uriah.

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Meaning and Origin of Uriah

Uriah is a masculine name with Hebrew origins. It is derived from the Hebrew name אוּרִיָּה (Uriyah), which is composed of two elements: “ur” (אוּר), meaning “light, flame, or fire,” and “yah” (יָה), a shortened form of “Yahweh,” the Hebrew name for God. Thus, Uriah can be translated to mean “God is my light” or “God is my flame.”

The name Uriah appears in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) as the name of several characters, the most well-known being Uriah the Hittite, a soldier in King David’s army. In the story, King David committed adultery with Uriah’s wife, Bathsheba, and later arranged for Uriah to be killed in battle in an attempt to cover up the affair. Uriah is portrayed as a loyal and honorable character in the narrative, and his story serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of sin and the importance of moral integrity.

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Best Middle Names for Uriah

Here is a list of 200 middle names for Uriah. These names are a mix of traditional, modern, and unique options that complement the name Uriah. Remember, the best middle name for your child will depend on your preferences and the flow with your chosen last name.

  1. Uriah Alexander
  2. Uriah Benjamin
  3. Uriah Christopher
  4. Uriah Daniel
  5. Uriah Ethan
  6. Uriah Finn
  7. Uriah Gabriel
  8. Uriah Harrison
  9. Uriah Isaac
  10. Uriah Jackson
  11. Uriah James
  12. Uriah Kieran
  13. Uriah Landon
  14. Uriah Mason
  15. Uriah Nathaniel
  16. Uriah Oliver
  17. Uriah Patrick
  18. Uriah Quentin
  19. Uriah Robert
  20. Uriah Samuel
  21. Uriah Thomas
  22. Uriah Vincent
  23. Uriah William
  24. Uriah Xavier
  25. Uriah Zachary
  26. Uriah Adam
  27. Uriah Anthony
  28. Uriah Archer
  29. Uriah August
  30. Uriah Blake
  31. Uriah Bradley
  32. Uriah Caleb
  33. Uriah Chase
  34. Uriah Cole
  35. Uriah Cyrus
  36. Uriah Damien
  37. Uriah Dexter
  38. Uriah Edward
  39. Uriah Emmett
  40. Uriah Everett
  41. Uriah Felix
  42. Uriah Garrett
  43. Uriah Greyson
  44. Uriah Hayden
  45. Uriah Henry
  46. Uriah Hudson
  47. Uriah Ivan
  48. Uriah Jasper
  49. Uriah Jonah
  50. Uriah Jude
  51. Uriah Keith
  52. Uriah Leo
  53. Uriah Levi
  54. Uriah Liam
  55. Uriah Luke
  56. Uriah Martin
  57. Uriah Max
  58. Uriah Micah
  59. Uriah Miles
  60. Uriah Nolan
  61. Uriah Oscar
  62. Uriah Parker
  63. Uriah Philip
  64. Uriah Preston
  65. Uriah Rhys
  66. Uriah Ryan
  67. Uriah Scott
  68. Uriah Sean
  69. Uriah Simon
  70. Uriah Tate
  71. Uriah Timothy
  72. Uriah Trent
  73. Uriah Tyler
  74. Uriah Victor
  75. Uriah Wyatt
  76. Uriah Xavier
  77. Uriah Zane
  78. Uriah Aaron
  79. Uriah Abel
  80. Uriah Abram
  81. Uriah Adrian
  82. Uriah Aiden
  83. Uriah Alan
  84. Uriah Albert
  85. Uriah Alden
  86. Uriah Allen
  87. Uriah Alvin
  88. Uriah Ambrose
  89. Uriah Amos
  90. Uriah Andrew
  91. Uriah Angus
  92. Uriah Ansel
  93. Uriah Anton
  94. Uriah Arlo
  95. Uriah Arthur
  96. Uriah Asher
  97. Uriah Ashton
  98. Uriah Atlas
  99. Uriah Atticus
  100. Uriah Austin
  101. Uriah Axel
  102. Uriah Barrett
  103. Uriah Beckett
  104. Uriah Bennett
  105. Uriah Blair
  106. Uriah Bowen
  107. Uriah Brady
  108. Uriah Brennan
  109. Uriah Brent
  110. Uriah Brett
  111. Uriah Brock
  112. Uriah Brody
  113. Uriah Bryce
  114. Uriah Byron
  115. Uriah Cadence
  116. Uriah Cameron
  117. Uriah Carl
  118. Uriah Carter
  119. Uriah Caspian
  120. Uriah Charles
  121. Uriah Clark
  122. Uriah Clay
  123. Uriah Cody
  124. Uriah Colin
  125. Uriah Connor
  126. Uriah Corbin
  127. Uriah Craig
  128. Uriah Curtis
  129. Uriah Dale
  130. Uriah Dalton
  131. Uriah Dane
  132. Uriah Darius
  133. Uriah Darren
  134. Uriah Dean
  135. Uriah Declan
  136. Uriah Derek
  137. Uriah Devin
  138. Uriah Dominic
  139. Uriah Donovan
  140. Uriah Drew
  141. Uriah Dustin
  142. Uriah Dylan
  143. Uriah Easton
  144. Uriah Edgar
  145. Uriah Edmund
  146. Uriah Edward
  147. Uriah Edwin
  148. Uriah Elias
  149. Uriah Elliott
  150. Uriah Ellis
  151. Uriah Emmet
  152. Uriah Eric
  153. Uriah Eugene
  154. Uriah Evan
  155. Uriah Ewan
  156. Uriah Ezra
  157. Uriah Fabian
  158. Uriah Felix
  159. Uriah Finnegan
  160. Uriah Fletcher
  161. Uriah Forrest
  162. Uriah Foster
  163. Uriah Franklin
  164. Uriah Frederick
  165. Uriah Gage
  166. Uriah Gavin
  167. Uriah George
  168. Uriah Graham
  169. Uriah Grant
  170. Uriah Grayson
  171. Uriah Gregory
  172. Uriah Griffin
  173. Uriah Gunner
  174. Uriah Guy
  175. Uriah Hank
  176. Uriah Heath
  177. Uriah Hector
  178. Uriah Holden
  179. Uriah Hugh
  180. Uriah Hugo
  181. Uriah Hunter
  182. Uriah Ian
  183. Uriah Ira
  184. Uriah Ivan
  185. Uriah Jack
  186. Uriah Jackson
  187. Uriah Jacob
  188. Uriah Jaden
  189. Uriah Jake
  190. Uriah Jared
  191. Uriah Jason
  192. Uriah Jasper
  193. Uriah Jay
  194. Uriah Jeffrey
  195. Uriah Jeremy
  196. Uriah Jerome
  197. Uriah Jesse
  198. Uriah Joel
  199. Uriah John
  200. Uriah Jordan

Nicknames for Uriah

Uriah is a unique and common name. It shouldn’t be a surprise if you come across many people with this name in your environment. 

To make your baby stand out, choose any of these nicknames for him:

  1. Uri
  2. Riah
  3. Urie
  4. Ury
  5. Rah
  6. Uria
  7. Ri
  8. Yaya
  9. U-Ray
  10. Ray

How to Pick a Middle Name for Uriah

Choosing an appropriate middle name is of paramount importance. Below are eight essential things to keep in mind when deciding on the perfect middle name for your child:

1. The Significance of a Personalized Middle Name

Have you contemplated giving your baby a middle name that holds personal significance? It can be a great way to connect them to your family’s heritage or an exclusive tradition that holds special meaning to you.

Imagine your child growing up with a name that reminds them of their roots or a unique family narrative. Selecting a middle name that carries a particular significance is an excellent way to establish a lasting connection between your baby and your family’s traditions.

2. The Harmony of the Names

When naming your child, it’s vital to consider how the first, middle, and last names blend together. You want a name that flows seamlessly and feels unified.

Avoid names that sound alike or rhyme, as this can become an annoyance when your child becomes an adult. Instead, opt for names that complement each other and create a harmonious sound.

Choosing a middle name with one or two syllables tends to work well with most first names. By taking the time to find names that match, you’ll give your child a name they can be proud of for years to come.

3. The Importance of Saying Your Baby’s Name Out Loud

Have you ever noticed that a baby’s name can sound different when spoken out loud than when written on paper? That’s because the way a name looks on paper doesn’t always match the way it sounds when spoken aloud.

It’s critical to say your baby’s name out loud to ensure that it sounds just the way you want it to. You may discover that a name you love on paper doesn’t quite fit when spoken aloud.

By pronouncing the name out loud, you can ensure that it sounds perfect. So, take the time to speak your baby’s name aloud and make any necessary changes to achieve the perfect sound.

4. Don’t Rush

Choosing the ideal name for your baby is a crucial decision, and it’s important to take your time to select the right one. Don’t be too quick to choose the first name you come across.

Explore a variety of names before making your final decision. Remember that changing a registered name can be complicated, so it’s best to take your time and avoid any future regrets.

Take comfort in the fact that the perfect name will come with a little patience and an open mind.

5. Creating Your Own Legacy

When it comes to naming your baby, you may wonder if you should stick to a family tradition or custom. While some families have unique naming practices, it’s ultimately up to you to decide whether you want to follow those traditions.

For instance, during the 18th and 19th centuries in England, the first son was often named after the father’s father. However, if you don’t feel a strong connection to a particular family tradition, don’t be afraid to create your own.

You have the freedom to choose a name that feels right for your baby and your family. Whether you choose to follow a family tradition or create your own, the most important thing is to select a name that you and your partner love and that feels special to you.

6. The Importance of Initials

When naming your baby, it’s important to consider their full name, including their initials. You’ll want to avoid any initials that could form unintended and potentially embarrassing acronyms.

To ensure that your baby’s initials don’t spell out something that could cause them discomfort in the future, write down their full name and double-check their initials.

This straightforward step can help you avoid any unintended consequences and ensure that your baby’s name is one that they can be proud of in the

7. Honoring Your Roots or Creating New Traditions: The Importance of Choosing a Middle Name

When selecting a middle name for your child, you have a chance to pay tribute to your family’s history or establish a new custom that is distinct to your family. Whether you want to commemorate a deceased relative or begin a novel tradition, a middle name presents the perfect opportunity.

Middle names are unique since they are gender-neutral and can incorporate both male and female family members. By selecting a significant middle name, you can form a long-lasting bond with your family’s past or initiate a novel tradition that will be handed down for generations.

It’s vital to remember that there are no strict guidelines when it comes to choosing a middle name. Take the time to consider what matters most to you and your family. Whether you’re celebrating your heritage or creating a new tradition, the choice is entirely yours!

8. Why Choose One When You Can Have Two? The Benefits of Multiple Middle Names

Why settle for a single middle name when you can have two? If you’re struggling to decide between two middle names that you adore, why not include both? Multiple middle names are trendy all over the world, and there’s a good reason for it.

They provide an excellent solution if you and your partner have a wealth of options and can’t settle on one name. Furthermore, having multiple middle names may be an enjoyable method of expressing your imagination and individuality.

So, don’t be hesitant to think beyond the norm and contemplate several middle names for your child. After all, why settle for one when you can have two?

7 Reasons Why Middle Names Are Awesome

Middle names are more than just an afterthought. Here are seven reasons why you should give your child one (or more!):

  1. Make Them Special: Adding a middle name can make your child’s name even more unique and memorable.

  1. Embrace Tradition: Giving your child a middle name is a long-standing tradition that adds depth and meaning to their name.

  1. Better Fit: A middle name can help bridge the gap between your child’s first name and last name, making the name sound more familiar and complete.

  1. Honor Loved Ones: Use a middle name to remember a special person or pay tribute to someone extraordinary.

  1. Inspiring Stories: Middle names can come with inspiring tales and personal significance.

  1. Historical Roots: The concept of middle names traces back to ancient Rome, where they were used to differentiate between different families.

  1. They’re Just Fun: Let’s face it, middle names are just plain fun! They give you another opportunity to be creative and add personality to your child’s name.

Names Similar to Uriah

Here are 20 names similar to Uriah, which are a mix of biblical, Hebrew, and unique names that evoke a similar feel:

  1. Elijah
  2. Isaiah
  3. Ezra
  4. Micah
  5. Josiah
  6. Asher
  7. Gideon
  8. Amos
  9. Levi
  10. Judah
  11. Malachi
  12. Simeon
  13. Tobias
  14. Silas
  15. Caleb
  16. Zephaniah
  17. Ezekiel
  18. Reuben
  19. Zachariah
  20. Abner

Famous Persons Named Uriah

While this list does not include 10 famous persons named Uriah, these individuals have made their mark in various fields such as sports, literature, acting, religion, and labor rights.

  1. Uriah Hall: A Jamaican-American professional mixed martial artist who competes in the middleweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).
  2. Uriah Heep: Though not real, this character from Charles Dickens’ novel “David Copperfield” is quite famous. He is portrayed as a deceitful and manipulative clerk.
  3. Uriah Shelton: An American actor and singer best known for his roles in the television series “Girl Meets World” and “The Glades.”
  4. Uriah Smith: A nineteenth-century Seventh-day Adventist author, minister, and editor who played a significant role in the early development of the Adventist Church.
  5. Uriah Asante: A Ghanaian professional footballer who played as a midfielder.
  6. Uriah Levy: A 19th-century naval officer who served in the United States Navy, eventually becoming a commodore. He played a key role in ending the practice of flogging in the U.S. Navy.
  7. Uriah P. Levy: A 19th-century American naval officer and real estate investor, who is known for saving Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello estate.
  8. Uriah Rennie: A retired English football referee who officiated in the Premier League and at the international level.
  9. Uriah Smith Stephens: An American labor leader who founded the Knights of Labor, one of the first major labor organizations in the United States.

Variations of Uriah

Here are five variations of the name Uriah, derived from different languages and cultures:

  1. Urijah: This variation has a similar pronunciation and maintains the Hebrew origin of the name.
  2. Urias: A Spanish and Portuguese version of Uriah, which also has biblical roots.
  3. Ourias (Ουρίας): The Greek version of Uriah, found in the Greek Old Testament.
  4. Uria: An alternative spelling of Uriah, which retains the same pronunciation and meaning.
  5. Uriya (אוּרִיָּה): The original Hebrew spelling and pronunciation of Uriah.

Final Thoughts 

Have you been able to select Uriah’s middle name in the best possible way? If so, we’re pleased to assist you in conducting a simple name search. 

It’s a widely held concept that a child’s name can have a significant influence on their life.

Therefore, be sure to carefully select fitting names for your child. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the best middle name for Uriah?

When selecting a middle name for Uriah, consider the flow and compatibility with your chosen last name and your personal preferences. You may also want to choose a middle name that has a special meaning or honors a family member or cultural tradition. Ultimately, the best middle name will be one that feels right and sounds good to you.

Should the middle name for Uriah have a similar origin or meaning?

While it can be appealing to choose a middle name with a similar origin or meaning to Uriah, it is not a requirement. Many people choose middle names that contrast or complement the first name in terms of origin, meaning, or style. The key is to find a name that sounds good and flows well with Uriah and your last name.

How many syllables should the middle name for Uriah have?

The ideal number of syllables for a middle name depends on the flow and rhythm when combined with Uriah and your last name. There is no strict rule for the number of syllables, but many people find that choosing a middle name with a different number of syllables than the first and last names creates a pleasing rhythm. For example, if your last name has two syllables, you might choose a middle name with one or three syllables to create a balanced sound.

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