Arabic Baby Boy names

100+ Best Arabic Baby Boy names

Choosing the perfect name for your little prince is a journey filled with love, tradition, and a touch of magic. Arabic baby boy names are rich in history, meaning, and melodious sounds that can make any name stand out. Whether you’re looking for a name that honors your heritage, signifies strength and wisdom, or simply sounds beautiful, we’ve got you covered.

Join us as we explore a world of names that promise to add a touch of charm and a sense of timeless elegance to your baby boy’s identity. Get ready to fall in love with these enchanting Arabic names that are as unique and special as your bundle of joy!

Arabic Baby Boy Names

Arabic baby boy names offer a beautiful blend of elegance, strength, and cultural richness. Dive into this list and find the perfect name that will give your little prince an identity that stands out and holds deep significance.

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Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with A

AdilJust, Fair
AhmadMost commendable
AliElevated, High
AmirPrince, Commander
AyaanGift of God
AzizPowerful, Dear
AymanLucky, Blessed
AshrafNoble, Honorable
AnasFriendly, Affectionate
ArifKnowledgeable, Wise
AminTrustworthy, Faithful
AzaanCall for prayer

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with B

BadrFull moon
BasilBrave, Valiant
BilalWater, Freshness
BashirBringer of good news
BariCreator, Originator
BahaSplendor, Magnificence
BurhanProof, Evidence
BasharBringer of glad tidings
BilqisQueen of Sheba
BassemOne who smiles
BaqirDeeply learned
BasheerHarbinger of good news
BaqarEducated, Highly regarded
BarzanHeight, Loftiness

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with C

CadeemAncient, Old
CaesarThick head of hair
CamilPerfect, Complete
CanaanMerchant, Trader
CharifNoble, Distinguished
ChawkiMy delight
ChamseddineSun of the faith
ChafikCompassionate, Generous

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with D

DilshadHappy heart
DihyahHandsome, Comely
DhiyaLight, Radiance
DaniClose, Near
DarimGood friend
DaniqPrecious, Valuable
DhakirRemembering, Grateful
DhariSparkling, Bright
DiyaLight, Splendor
DilawarBrave, Courageous

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with E

EhsanGoodness, Compassion
EliasThe Lord is my God
EmirPrince, Commander
EhsaanKindness, Benevolence
EbraheemFather of many
ElianThe Lord is my God
EssamSafeguard, Protection
EhsanullahGoodness of God
EhsunGood deed, Charity
EmadPillar, Support
EltafKind, Gentle
EsamSafeguard, Protection
EhsamExcellence, Perfection
ElifFirst letter of Arabic alphabet

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with F

FadelVirtuous, Generous
FaisalDecisive, Arbitrator
FaridUnique, Precious
FarisKnight, Horseman
FawazSuccessful, Winner
FahadPanther, Leopard
FadiSavior, Redeemer
FahimIntelligent, Wise
FaroukOne who distinguishes truth from falsehood
FathiConqueror, Victorious
FawziSuccessful, Triumphant
FazalGenerosity, Favor
FikriThoughtful, Intellectual
FuadHeart, Soul
FarhanHappy, Joyful

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with G

GhaithRain, Relief
GamalBeauty, Handsome
GhassanYouth, Handsomeness
GhalibVictorious, Conqueror
GhaffarForgiving, Merciful
GhalyPrecious, Valuable
GhanemSuccessful, Prosperous
GharibStranger, Expatriate
GhaziConqueror, Warrior
GhiyathRescuer, Helper
GibranReward, Compensation
GhadeerStream, Brook
GhaaziHero, Fighter
GhiyasSavior, Deliverer

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with H

HabibBeloved, Dear
HadiGuide, Leader
HaiderLion, Brave
HakimWise, Judicious
HalimGentle, Patient
HamzaLion, Strong
HarithCultivator, Farmer
HasanHandsome, Good
HassanGood, Benefactor
HatemJudge, Decisive
HussainHandsome, Good
HishamGenerous, Noble
HilalCrescent moon

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with I

IbrahimFather of many
IdrisStudious, Interpreter
IhsanPerfection, Excellence
ImranProsperity, Long-lived
IsaProphet, Jesus
IrfanKnowledge, Wisdom
IsmailGod will hear
IshaqLaugh, Joy
IzharExpression, Manifestation
IzzatHonor, Glory
IhabGift, Grant
IkramHonor, Generosity
IsamSafeguard, Protection
IhsanullahPerfection of God

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with J

JabirComforter, Consoler
JafarStream, Rivulet
JahidHard worker
JalalMajesty, Glory
JamalBeauty, Handsome
JameelBeautiful, Handsome
JasimStrong, Healthy
JawadGenerous, Noble
JibrilArchangel Gabriel
JamaluddinBeauty of the faith
JawharJewel, Essence
JunaidWarrior, Soldier
JaleelGreat, Revered
JalilSublime, Exalted
JaafarRivulet, Little river

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with K

KareemGenerous, Noble
KamalPerfection, Excellence
KhalidEternal, Immortal
KhalilFriend, Companion
KarimGenerous, Noble
KaamilPerfect, Complete
KaisFirm, Resolute
KhalafSuccessor, Descendant
KhalisPure, Sincere
KhaleelFriend, Companion
KhayyamTent maker, Poet
KhalifaSuccessor, Leader
KhalisPure, Unmixed
KhattabOrator, Preacher
KinanCover, Protection

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with L

LabibIntelligent, Sensible
LuqmanWise, Intelligent
LatifKind, Gentle
LabeebSensible, Intelligent
LafiPure, Innocent
LamaDark lips
LamisSoft to the touch
LazimEssential, Necessary
LabeedSkillful, Knowledgeable
LamisTender, Soft
LuayShield, Protector
LabeedSensible, Intellectual
LafiqCompassionate, Kind

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with M

MansourVictorious, Supporter
MustafaChosen, Selected
MohammedPraised, Praiseworthy
MusaProphet Moses
MazinRain clouds
MuqtadirPowerful, Capable
MuradDesire, Wish
MujahidStriver, Fighter
MahdiRightly guided
MunirBright, Radiant
MajidGlorious, Noble
MalikKing, Ruler

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with N

NabilNoble, Generous
NadimCompanion, Friend
NaderRare, Precious
NaseemBreeze, Fresh Air
NasirHelper, Supporter
NashitEnergetic, Lively
NawfalGenerous, Munificent
NaimComfort, Tranquility
NaeemBlessing, Ease
NadimCompanion, Confidant
NasrVictory, Triumph
NourLight, Radiance
NashwanElated, Exultant
NizamOrder, Discipline
NumanBlood, Red

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with O

OmarFlourishing, Long-lived
OsmanDevoted servant of God
OwaisLittle wolf
OthmanWise, Intelligent
OmarLife, Long-lived
OthmanSnake, Friend of the Prophet
OmairProblem solver
OmarFirst son, Disciple
OwaisGifted, Bestowed
OthmanBaby bustard
OmarFirst son
OmarLife, First son
OthmanFriend of the Prophet
OwaisSmall wolf, Companion of the Prophet

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with P

ParvezVictorious, Fortunate
PashaLord, Honorific title
PalalJudge, Deliverer
ParsaDevout, Holy
PazirAccepting, Embracing
PakeezahPure, Clean
PaimanPromise, Covenant
ParwezProsperity, Success
PurdilBrave, Courageous
ParsaadPure, Simple
PaighamMessage, News
ParwazFlight, Ascension
PayamMessage, Good news
ParvishGuardian, Protector
PazirAcceptable, Admired

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with Q

QadirPowerful, Capable
QasimDivider, Distributor
QaisFirm, Resolute
QasimGenerous, One who distributes
QaysFirm, Hard
QutbAxis, Pivot
QadirAlmighty, Powerful
QusayDistant, Far-off
QudamahCourage, Bravery
QuddoosHoly, Sacred
QamaruddinMoon of the faith
QudratPower, Ability
QadirCapable, Mighty
QudsiHoly, Sacred

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with R

RafiNoble, Exalted
RahimCompassionate, Merciful
RashidRightly guided, Wise
RashadGood sense, Good guidance
RaufKind, Compassionate
RayyanGate of Heaven for fasting people
RehanSweet basil, Fragrance
RidaContentment, Satisfaction
RizwanAcceptance, Good will
RaheemMerciful, Compassionate
RiazGardens, Meadows
RafiqFriend, Companion
RiyadGardens, Meadows
RaedLeader, Pioneer

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with S

SaeedHappy, Fortunate
SamiElevated, Sublime
SalahRighteousness, Goodness
SalmanSafe, Secure
SamirEntertaining companion
SarimLion, Brave
SaifuddinSword of the faith
SalimSafe, Sound
ShakirThankful, Grateful
SharifNoble, Honorable
SulaimanPeaceful, Name of a prophet
SultanAuthority, Power
SuhailGentle, Easygoing
SirajLamp, Light

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with T

TahaPure, Mystic
TariqMorning star, Knocker
TalibSeeker of knowledge
TawfiqSuccess, Divine guidance
TayebGood, Kind-hearted
TaherPure, Chaste
TamerDate palm, Fruitful
TamimStrong, Complete
TameemPerfect, Complete
TaibRepentant, Penitent
TasnimFountain in paradise
TaymServant, Devoted
TarikConqueror, Knocker
TajCrown, Jewel
ThabitFirm, Steadfast

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with U

UmarFlourishing, Long-lived
UsmanWise, Intelligent
UthmanBaby bustard, Name of a caliph
UzairHelper, Supporter
UbaidFaithful, Devoted
UsaydLittle lion
UmairLife, Long-lived
UbaidaWorshiper, Servant of God
UbaidullahServant of God
UlfatIntimacy, Friendship
UmranProsperity, Long-lived
UtbahThreshold, Doorframe
UwaysLittle wolf
UlwanHigh, Exalted
UmaidHope, Expectation

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with V

ValidHealthy, Strong
VahidUnique, Singular
VakilRepresentative, Lawyer
VaseemGraceful, Pretty
VazinOne who is knowledgeable
VafaLoyalty, Faithfulness
VafidHonest, Faithful
VahiduddinUnique in the faith
VarqaPure, Untarnished
VasharTo be praised, Commendable
VidanInsightful, Knowledgeable
VikarGlory, Honor
VizanNoble, Honorable
VashilGood natured, Kind
VasifDescriptive, Characteristic

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with W

WahidOne, Unique
WaleedNewborn, New baby
WaelSeeker of refuge
WalidNewly born
WaseemHandsome, Graceful
WasimAttractive, Graceful
WajidFinder, Perceiver
WajihNoble, Eminent
WaqasCombatant, Warrior
WafiFaithful, Loyal
WaqarDignity, Respect
WaseemuddinHandsome of the faith
WaseefDescription, Attribute
WathiqConfident, Certain
WajahatDignity, Esteem

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with X

XavierBright, Splendid (of Basque origin, used in Arabic)
XalafSuccessor, Descendant
XadeemServant, Worshiper
XabirPatient, Enduring
XaneenYearning, Longing
XandarProtector of mankind
XahidDevout, Ascetic
XayedLeader, Guide
XahlanEasygoing, Smooth
XabirKnowledgeable, Wise
XaaronHigh mountain, Exalted
XaeedHappy, Blissful
XyadSuccessful, Fortunate
XabeerIntelligent, Wise
XayadHigh status, Elevated

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with Y

YahyaAlive, Living
YasinA chapter in the Quran
YusufGod increases (Prophet Joseph)
YounisDove, Peaceful
YasirEasy, Wealthy
YazanRain, Fertility
YamanProper name, also means right side
YahyaaLife, Living
YoussefGod increases, another form of Yusuf
YaqeenCertainty, Conviction
YasirRich, Wealthy
YaqoobProphet Jacob
YaseenA chapter in the Quran, another form of Yasin
YamanProsperous, Fortunate
YaqeenTrue belief, Certainty

Arabic Baby Boy Names Starting with Z

ZaidGrowth, Abundance
ZainBeauty, Grace
ZakariyaProphet Zakariya (Zachariah)
ZakiPure, Pious
ZaynBeauty, Adornment
ZubairStrong, Intelligent
ZaydIncrease, Progress
ZamanTime, Era
ZahirBright, Shining
ZubayrBrave, Wise
ZamilFriend, Colleague
ZuhairBright, Clear
ZafarVictory, Triumph
ZakariyahRemembrance of the Lord
ZakirRemembering, Grateful

Arabic Baby Boy Names

Arabic baby boy names are renowned for their rich meanings, beautiful sounds, and deep cultural significance. Choosing an Arabic name for your little prince can connect him to a rich heritage and provide a name that’s both unique and meaningful. Here are some of the most suitable Arabic baby boy names to inspire you:

1. Aamir

This name means “prosperous.” It’s a classic name that conveys a sense of wealth and success, perfect for parents who hope for a bright future for their child.

2. Kareem

Kareem means “generous” or “noble.” It’s a timeless name that embodies the qualities of kindness and nobility, ideal for a boy who will grow up to be a giving and honorable person.

3. Zaid

Meaning “growth” or “abundance,” Zaid is a strong and positive name that suggests prosperity and plenty, making it a hopeful choice for your baby’s future.

4. Rahim

This name means “compassionate” or “merciful.” It’s a gentle and kind name that reflects a loving and empathetic nature.

5. Faisal

Faisal means “decisive” or “arbitrator.” It’s a powerful name that denotes a person who is fair and makes wise decisions, perfect for a future leader.

6. Imran

Meaning “prosperity” or “long-lived,” Imran is a name that conveys a sense of endurance and success, perfect for parents who wish their child a thriving life.

7. Malik

Malik means “king” or “ruler.” It’s a regal name that signifies strength and leadership, ideal for a boy destined to take charge.

8. Hadi

This name means “guide” or “leader.” It’s a wise and thoughtful name, perfect for a boy who will lead others with insight and compassion.

9. Nabil

Meaning “noble” or “generous,” Nabil is a distinguished name that reflects qualities of honor and generosity, ideal for a kind-hearted boy.

10. Omar

Omar means “flourishing” or “long-lived.” It’s a classic and enduring name that suggests a life filled with growth and vitality.

11. Rashid

This name means “rightly guided” or “wise.” It’s a thoughtful and insightful name, perfect for a boy who will grow up to be a wise and guiding force in his community.

12. Yusuf

Yusuf means “God increases” and is the Arabic form of Joseph. It’s a name with deep religious significance, symbolizing faith and blessings.

13. Tariq

Meaning “morning star” or “knocker,” Tariq is a unique and strong name that suggests a bright and promising future.

14. Zain

Zain means “beauty” or “grace.” It’s a simple yet elegant name that conveys a sense of charm and attractiveness, perfect for a boy who will shine.

15. Bilal

This name means “water” or “freshness.” It’s a refreshing and soothing name, ideal for a boy who will bring a sense of calm and renewal.

16. Jamal

Jamal means “beauty” or “handsome.” It’s a classic name that emphasizes physical and inner beauty, perfect for a charming and graceful boy.

17. Mustafa

Meaning “chosen” or “selected,” Mustafa is a revered name with a sense of destiny and purpose, ideal for a boy with a special role to play in life.

18. Hassan

This name means “handsome” or “good.” It’s a popular and appealing name that reflects positive qualities and attractiveness.

19. Waleed

Waleed means “newborn” or “new baby.” It’s a name that celebrates new life and beginnings, perfect for a cherished new addition to the family.

20. Zakariya

Meaning “Prophet Zakariya” (Zachariah), this name holds religious significance and symbolizes faith and devotion, ideal for a boy raised with strong spiritual values.


Choosing a baby name for your baby boy is a deeply personal and significant decision. Arabic names, with their rich meanings and beautiful sounds, offer a unique way to imbue your child’s identity with cultural heritage and timeless values. Whether you seek a name that symbolizes strength, wisdom, or beauty, the array of Arabic baby boy names provides ample inspiration for finding the perfect match.

May your journey in selecting a name be filled with joy and the promise of a bright future for your little prince. We hope this list has helped you discover a name that resonates with your heart and honors your family’s traditions.

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