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  • Are Women Better Parents Than Men?

    Sara’s prompt this week is a question: are women better parents than men? As I wrote here just the other day, I feel that as long as both parents are singing from the same hymn sheet each is capable of achieving as much as the other. I know this isn’t always the way it is, and have several […]

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  • Summer Memories Part Two

    Sara’s prompt this week is all about Summer memories. I blogged here about all the memories my little family made in the first half of the holidays, and here’s another round up of how our second half has been. Don’t get me wrong we’ve had our fair share of meltdowns and too much anger for […]

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    It’s been well documented here that my 5yo is a tricky little character. She suffers from multiple food intolerance, only sleeps through the night a couple of times a week (if we’re lucky!) and at five has full scale meltdowns most toddlers aren’t capable of. I firmly believe they are all linked – the stomach problems and eczema make her uncomfortable which drives […]

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  • My word of the week: Emotional

    I’m not even going to try and sugar coat it, it’s been a rough week! Last Friday’s appointment with the Gastrointestinal Paediatrician resulted in 4yo going on the August waiting list for an endoscopy and colonoscopy. They’ll need to take biopsies to (hopefully) get to the bottom of her troubles. She’ll have to go under general […]

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  • Word of the week: Control #WotW #PoCoLo

    Whilst everyone else in blog land is having a fabulous time at Brit Mums this weekend, I’m going to be enjoying mine with family and friends. I have an ex-colleague coming over with her two cherubs tomorrow, which will be fab as it’s been months. Then Saturday we have two kids parties, but for children that are an important […]

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  • My word of the week: Entertaining

    Way back when I met my hubby on that beach in Cambodia, there were a group of travellers present that have remained a part of our lives. A distant part due to being scattered around the world, but we keep in touch (this is where Facebook does come in handy). One of these ladies lives […]

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  • A Pleasant Surprise #ThePrompt #PoCoLo

    Overall I don’t have a very high opinion of health visitors. Purely speaking of my own experiences, it seems they are giving their personal opinions. Often relayed far too matter of factly, and not often enough backed up by substantial evidence or medical fact. They were the one group of people guaranteed to set off my brand-new-mum-hormones, […]