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  • How to REALLY Quit Sugar

    It comes as no big surprise to me when I read that so many of us are addicted to sugar, and I’ve been wondering how many people included quitting sugar in their new year’s resolutions. Although it sounds like it should be pretty straight forward, truly quitting sugar is a complex and tricky task. I […]

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  • Taking the Medicine

    Part of the GAPS Diet is good quality supplements in the form mainly of probiotics and omegas. All my family take Bio-Kult, as well as eating home fermented foods which enhance our gut health. The girls also take fermented cod liver oil which is meant to be the best brain boost money can buy. Hubby and […]

  • My GAPS Journey
  • GAPS Kids

    As it worked so well for me as a pre-curser to starting the diet, I removed all the girls’ grains and starches this week – essentially putting them onto Full GAPS. It’s important to remember that GAPS is not low/no carb, it is no processed carbs (including grains and refined sugar). The main thing I’ve […]

  • My GAPS Journey
  • Busy? Pah!!!

    I used to think I was busy. Then I had a third child. Then I started GAPS. Now I realise I didn’t know the meaning of the word! While most folk were still enjoying their Zzzzz’s here’s what I got up. All before 7am 😉 – fed baby @ 2am – 4yo up @ 4:30 […]

  • My GAPS Journey
  • The GAPS Diet

    This week I came across fellow blogger Kate, and am finding her blogs The Recipe Resource & Musings of a 21st Century SAHM fascinating to read. She speaks in depth about non-typical food allergies, EGID, Auto-immune diseases and a whole host of other topics. I’m truly grateful to her for passing on her knowledge, her words have made me […]