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  • How to REALLY Quit Sugar

    It comes as no big surprise to me when I read that so many of us are addicted to sugar, and I’ve been wondering how many people included quitting sugar in their new year’s resolutions. Although it sounds like it should be pretty straight forward, truly quitting sugar is a complex and tricky task. I […]

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  • Taking the Medicine

    Part of the GAPS Diet is good quality supplements in the form mainly of probiotics and omegas. All my family take Bio-Kult, as well as eating home fermented foods which enhance our gut health. The girls also take fermented cod liver oil which is meant to be the best brain boost money can buy. Hubby and […]

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  • How I Spent Some ‘Me Time’

    Me time doesn’t really exist in the traditional sense for right now. The closet I get is snatching the odd half hour here and there to blog or write my book, or by taking a long walk home instead of catching the bus. It’s to be expected though with three kids, one of which being a small baby […]

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  • Being Beautiful On The Inside

    I was excited by Sara’s prompt this week: beauty. It’s funny because blogging anonymously means my face isn’t all over these pages. Who knows what I look like? Am I attractive or a minger? Guess you’ll not be finding out just yet! Regardless of my exterior looks, for me to feel beautiful I have to […]

  • Magic Moments
  • New Blog

    During the course of last week, I created a new blog. From scratch. All by myself. As you can probably tell I’m rather proud of this little achievement! In the past I have heavily relied on my hubby and his techie knowledge, but I felt enough confidence in myself this time. The purpose of the […]