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  • A Date with The Hubby

    You may (or may not!) have noticed that I haven’t been linking to Magic Moments very often over the last couple of months. Mainly because life has been rather challenging in my house, and not all that magical. This weekend however that changed. Hubby and I left all three kids with his folks for the day, and went to […]

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  • A Lovely Wedding

    Anyone that read my post ANGER last week will know that we’re having a tough time in my house. 5yo has been a real handful since we’ve had her back on a gluten containing diet. Hubby and I are both up most nights with one, two or all of our kids. Patience is thin on […]

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  • Big Little Girl’s Birthday Weekend

    We’ve had a (mostly) lovely few days here at Mummy Tries. My eldest turned five on Friday, so the morning was filled with cards, presents and chocolate pancakes. Then off to school she went on her brand new scooter, wearing her brand new Elsa dress for an appropriately timed mufti day. She brought two of […]

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  • A wet and windy trip to the sea

    After my emotional week I’m pleased to report that the weekend was fab! Hubby had his annual boys overnight on Sat, and I was understandably nervous about flying solo. My friend suggested she drive us all to Brighton, and even though the weather was pants we went. I’m so glad we did because it was a […]

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  • A Tea Party Hen Do #MagicMoments

    As I’ve mentioned before I moved house a lot as a kid, which wasn’t very conductive to forming strong friendships. I did make a bestie in the one area I spent a few years though (9-12 if my memory serves me correctly). She and I were inseparable at school and also lived on the same […]

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  • Finding time to work on my book

    Although my life has been super hectic of late, on Thursday last week I cancelled all plans and achieved the ultimate parenting holy grail: both kids napping at the same time. For two whole hours! I’d had some book related ideas swirling around in my head for a while, and was desperate to get them […]

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  • Catching Up With Old Friends

    As I mentioned on Friday, we had a very dear friend in town this weekend visiting from Alaska with her hubby and their two girls. It had been over ten years since since we last saw her, and it was amazing to meet her family and introduce the kids to each other. Everyone got on […]

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  • New Blog

    During the course of last week, I created a new blog. From scratch. All by myself. As you can probably tell I’m rather proud of this little achievement! In the past I have heavily relied on my hubby and his techie knowledge, but I felt enough confidence in myself this time. The purpose of the […]