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  • An Impromptu (& Thrifty) Birthday Tea

    Our eldest has had a big party every year for her birthday – even through two pregnancies and the year her sister came along – but now that we have three kids it’s simply not going to be possible to continue the tradition. You can’t throw one a party without the others getting one, so […]

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  • Father’s Day #letkidsbekids

    My 2yo was given a Galt Sponge Painting set for her birthday, which contains cards and envelopes to decorate with various sponges. Both girls were super excited about making their daddy a Father’s Day card, so one day last week after school I set it all up for them as a little activity. We don’t get the paints […]

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  • The Tower Of London

    We had friends in town last week, and one thing they were desperate to see was the Tower of London. Hubby managed to score us free tickets through work (yay!) and we headed there for the afternoon after seeing some other sights before lunch. I was so fascinated by this place, and can’t really believe I’ve […]

  • kids
  • Fun Times at Brockwell Park

    I’ve mentioned recently the fabulous farmers market we go to most Sunday’s. It’s located by Herne Hill train station just a stones throw from beautiful Brockwell Park. The kids playpark didn’t used to be very good, but a couple of years ago Lambeth Council invested both the research time, and the money to give it a worthwhile […]

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  • Tots Landing Soft Play, Wimbledon

       Most mums I know love and loathe soft play in equal measure – it’s generally regarded as a necessary evil to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day. My own experiences have taught me not to expect much. Even the ‘award winning’ venues are often a let down. Actually I’ll re-phrase that, they […]

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  • Girlie Weekend #letkidsbekids

    As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my hubby was away this weekend, but having to do all the childcare myself is a very rare situation so I really can’t complain. Saturday morning was busy with the usual chores, then a friend of mine came over for lunch and spent the afternoon with us. We took the […]

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  • Our Screen Free Day #letkidsbekids

    The fabulous Karen over at Let Kids Be Kids organised a Screen Free Day challenge for Sunday. A marvellous idea, but as with anything in life, how difficult you find something completely depends on where your starting point is. We don’t have a TV in the house, which was a decision that was made when […]

  • Behaviour
  • My littlest lady #letkidsbekids

    23mo is a real character. I know everyone thinks their kids are the prettiest/smartest/loveliest, and I know I felt like this when my 4yo was a baby, but there is something exceptional about my littlest. I’m not writing this post to brag, far from it, I just want to capture this precious stage before it […]