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  • A Week of Firsts

    We’ve had a week of firsts in my house. Little F took his first independent steps on Monday and has been tottering about since. He’s not quite at the running around stage but I reckon he might be by this time next month! Although sleep has taken another nose dive in several directions, we’ve had […]

  • the book
  • Word of the week: SELF

    Regular readers will know that I’ve written a self-help book, putting my dysfunctional upbringing and self-destructive past to good use in the hope that it helps inspire others to change their lives like I did. It’s currently with an editor having a final once over and as long as the feedback is positive, I should […]

  • WotW
  • My first day as a WAHM

    I’m pleased to report that I survived my first day of work in nine months! Baby Boy was up lots last night and after he’d fed for the fifth time I was wide awake. Instead of futilely trying to get more Zzzz’s I tip toed into the office (aka his bedroom) and fired up the latop. It was 4:32am […]

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  • My Word of the Week: YIKES!

    This week has flown by at lightning speed and somehow it’s already Thursday evening. Today my job share partner came over to do a handover while the nanny took my two littlest off for a settling session. I almost managed to do some work, but have one lingering IT problem that will need to be resolved first. I must have […]

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  • Are Women Better Parents Than Men?

    Sara’s prompt this week is a question: are women better parents than men? As I wrote here just the other day, I feel that as long as both parents are singing from the same hymn sheet each is capable of achieving as much as the other. I know this isn’t always the way it is, and have several […]

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  • Do You Facebook?

    A few weeks back I decided that I ‘needed’ a Facebook page. So I created one, and learnt a very valuable lesson in the process. As I’ve discussed here on numerous occasions with three kids and the GAPS Diet to contend with, my spare time is pretty thin on the ground. I’ve been working on my book […]

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  • Summer Memories Part Two

    Sara’s prompt this week is all about Summer memories. I blogged here about all the memories my little family made in the first half of the holidays, and here’s another round up of how our second half has been. Don’t get me wrong we’ve had our fair share of meltdowns and too much anger for […]

  • health
  • Being Beautiful On The Inside

    I was excited by Sara’s prompt this week: beauty. It’s funny because blogging anonymously means my face isn’t all over these pages. Who knows what I look like? Am I attractive or a minger? Guess you’ll not be finding out just yet! Regardless of my exterior looks, for me to feel beautiful I have to […]

  • WotW
  • My word this week: Celebrate! #WotW

    Hot on the heels of my eldest turning five last Friday, it was hubby’s birthday yesterday and we are off to my oldest (and very dear) friend’s wedding tomorrow! Lots of celebrating going on in our house. Interspersed with baby’s going the whole day and not napping, little girls waking at the crack of dawn […]