• Food
  • Chocolate Pancakes

    We love eggs in our family, and now that 5yo is tolerating them we can all have them for breakfast every morning. They are a wonderful way to start the day, and if I could give a person feeling the need to reach for the biscuit tin before lunchtime one piece of advice, it would be […]

  • health
  • How I Spent Some ‘Me Time’

    Me time doesn’t really exist in the traditional sense for right now. The closet I get is snatching the odd half hour here and there to blog or write my book, or by taking a long walk home instead of catching the bus. It’s to be expected though with three kids, one of which being a small baby […]

  • Food
  • Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream

    I invested in some fab and very sturdy individual lolly moulds a few years ago. They have a twist mechanism inside, which means mess is kept to a minimum, and you can fill them with just about anything. No liquid is too thin or thick, and you don’t have to worry about getting the whole tray of […]

  • family
  • It Starts With Food

    When I was growing up I was allowed to eat junk any time I wanted. I was regularly given Findus crispy pancakes and frozen ready meals for dinner. I was free to drink coca cola all day and eat endless amounts of sugary snacks. I was that kid eating chocolate for breakfast on their way […]

  • Intolerances
  • A Pleasant Surprise #ThePrompt #PoCoLo

    Overall I don’t have a very high opinion of health visitors. Purely speaking of my own experiences, it seems they are giving their personal opinions. Often relayed far too matter of factly, and not often enough backed up by substantial evidence or medical fact. They were the one group of people guaranteed to set off my brand-new-mum-hormones, […]