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  • What Kind of Mummy Blogger am I?

    what kind of mummy blogger am I?

    It would seem that it’s a great time to be a mummy blogger  A group of highly successful bloggers were shot down in the national press this week. But who actually takes an article seriously when it speaks of feeding still-frozen fish fingers to children, and swigging neat gin from sippy cups? I suspect the […]

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  • A Fabulous Night at the MAD Blog Awards

    Warning: If you’re not a blogger, you will probably find this post a bit boring!  Last night I attended the MAD Blog Awards. For those not in the know, the MADs is a parent blogging awards ceremony, put on by the lovely Tots100 team. I’ve been blogging for almost four years, and have looked on […]

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  • The Stuff Nobody Tells You About Blogging

    Yesterday I put a plea on my Facebook page asking if my followers would help me do a little test. After finally getting round to making and photographing the Paleo Caramel Slice recipe that I’d been promising for over a week, and putting it up on the blog and sharing on Facebook, it was shown […]