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  • How to Love Your Challenging Child 

    How to Love Your Challenging Child 

    Notice the title of this article isn’t: “how to love your autistic child,” or “how to love your SEN child?” That’s because a challenging child can happen to anyone. Additional needs or not. Cards on the table: I’m going to come right out and say that parenting my own challenging child is the hardest thing I’ve […]

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  • When You Are Close to Breaking Point

    breaking point

    What is breaking point? In a nutshell, we all have a certain level of stress that tips us over the edge. It differs from person to person, and we’re the only one who will know what that level is for ourselves. When I was working, my boss used to ask if I had capacity to […]

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  • Guest Post: She Has a Name #SheHasAName


    This article has been brought to you by Daniel, who writes the brilliant blog Vent Spleen. It’s not for the feint hearted, but it is utterly vital reading as far as I’m concerned. #SheHasAName    A Water Tanker, left abandoned. Inside the bodies of 50 dead girls. A conspiracy of silence that has to be broken because it […]

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  • What Kind of Mummy Blogger am I?

    what kind of mummy blogger am I?

    It would seem that it’s a great time to be a mummy blogger  A group of highly successful bloggers were shot down in the national press this week. But who actually takes an article seriously when it speaks of feeding still-frozen fish fingers to children, and swigging neat gin from sippy cups? I suspect the […]